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Wishyouwereheretours, Non merci!

Wishyouwereheretours is an American company specialized in tours to France to discover Gastronomy and French Art de vivre (something important: the French are probably not always friendly but are honest!).

You try to contact Wishyouwerehertours by phone: no answer. You send an e-mail: no answer. You try another e-mail: no answer. You manage to get a mobile number: no answer. You send a fax: no answer. You decide to send a register letter: ah, this agency has no mail address. You admit that is a problem if you want to travel with this company. We can tell you that it is even worse when you try to obtain your money for the service you offered.

Yes, it is another specificity of Wishyouwereheretours (and not the least). This agency sometimes forget to pay its suppliers (restaurants, hotels, guides). In France, but also in Italy (in Tuscany and Cinque terre).

For European companies it is very complicated to obtain the money for the services supplied. Lawyer fees are extremely high as the tribunal in charge of the case is located in the US.

So we just wanted to inform you to be extremely careful if you are contacted by this company. And if you decide to try to reach them, good luck!!!!

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